Best Value Cannabis Hot Box

Perfect Union Limited Edition January Hot Box on sale now while supplies last.

Perfect Union’s Limited-Edition January 2023 Hot Box features Heavy Hitters, Raw Garden, Almora, Tough Mama, Island, and more.


Looking for the best value cannabis hot box? Perfect Union’s Limited Edition January Hot Box is on sale now. Prices and contents vary by location. Every box has a retail value that is double the cost of the great value weed box.


If you are joining the Dry January movement, this Hot Box is your best bet. With a box full of top brands you can easily stay dry and get high this month. The Hot Box is filled with all your favorites and some new cannabis products to try:

Raw Garden .33g cart
Heavy Hitter 100mg Gummies
Almora LR Beverage 15mg:5mg
Island Product (1g PR or 1g cart)
Halfpipe GMO Crumble 1g
530 1/4 Ounce Budlets
Tough Mama Watermelon Yolo 100mg
Zach & Ted’s 3.5g flower
$15 Off Coupon for January

So set your new year’s resolutions and goals high, and stop by your favorite Perfect Union or Wild Seed Wellness California dispensary to kick the year off right. Get the best value cannabis hot box while supplies last. Shop in store or online.


Where to Get the January 2023 Limited Edition Hot Box


The Hot Box is on sale in Perfect Union stores throughout California including Sacramento Northside, Sacramento Eastside, Marysville, Turlock, Morro Bay, Shasta Lake, and Napa. The Perfect Union Hot Box is also on sale at the Wild Seed Wellness dispensary in Marysville, California.

(Perfect Union’s Hot Box not available at Seaside or Weed, California Perfect Union locations.)

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*Prices and contents vary by location. Actual products may vary from that pictured. Not available at Seaside or Weed location. Available in stores & online. While supplies last. Taxes not included. Can’t be combined with other offers or discounts. Management retains all rights. Must be 21+.