Cannabis Dispensary Tipping: The Option of Rewarding Your Budtender

Want to learn more about weed? Chat up a budtender! They’re the cannabis gurus at dispensaries who can help you pick the right stuff and the gear you need to enjoy it. You may be wondering if tipping your budtender is expected or allowed. 

At Perfect Union, we are proud that we pay our budtenders a livable wage. That said, we know our guests still often want to tip their budtender. This is absolutely okay, but not expected. 

Budtenders are knowledgeable experts who guide customers in selecting the right weed products and strains, much like servers at restaurants. If they’ve made your experience awesome, you are welcome to show them some appreciation with a tip.

While tipping budtenders is up to the individual guest, many customers opt to leave a gratuity of 5-20% of their total purchase if they received excellent assistance. Factors like the quality of service, time spent educating you, and overall satisfaction can influence your tipping decision for the cannabis dispensary staff. 


Budtender’s Role and Expertise

Budtenders play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and compliant guest shopping experience at cannabis dispensaries

The friendly budtenders at Perfect Union are here to welcome you into our shops and make sure that customers find the weed they are looking for. 

Your interaction with our budtenders will include:

  • Providing friendly guest service, answering your questions about cannabis products, and offering recommendations based on guests’ needs, preferences, and budgets.

With their extensive knowledge and attention to detail, the Perfect Union budtenders will walk you through your shopping experience.


Tipping Etiquette and Guidelines

Tipping budtenders at cannabis dispensaries is a personal choice, but yes, it may be considered a thoughtful gesture or a show of appreciation if you have received excellent service.


Factors Influencing Tipping Decisions

Several factors can influence a guest’s decision on whether or not to tip, or how much to tip, a budtender at a cannabis dispensary. Here are some things guests may consider:

  1. Quality of Service: The level of service provided by the budtender is a significant factor in determining the tip amount. If the budtender provides friendly and knowledgeable guest service, the guest may want to tip to show appreciation. 

  2. Time and Effort: The amount of time and effort the budtender spends with the customer can also impact tipping. If the budtender takes the time to educate the customer, answer questions, and guide them through the selection process, customers may be inclined to leave a larger tip.

  3. Product Knowledge: Budtenders with extensive knowledge of cannabis products, strains, and their effects can provide valuable insights to customers. This expertise can lead to a more positive experience, and potentially may influence tipping decisions.

  4. Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, if the customer leaves the dispensary feeling satisfied with their purchase and the service they received, they may want to show their appreciation by leaving the budtender a tip.

It’s important to note that while tipping is appreciated, it is never expected. Ultimately, tipping budtenders is a personal choice influenced by various factors, including the quality of service, the level of expertise demonstrated, and the overall satisfaction with the dispensary visit.

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