Getting to Know Lesser Known Extracts


Flan is a powerful, solvent-less extract that starts with live hash rosin, which is then refined and transformed into an ultra-high potency concentrate. It is made using advanced mechanical separation techniques (AMST) and held to the highest purification standards for potency, flavor, color, consistency, and overall effect. Flan is named after the Spanish custard dessert flan de leche, due to its rich flavor and soft texture.


Budder, also called badder, is a smooth and creamy cannabis extract. Most times solvent (such as butane or propane) is used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter, but it can also be done, although more seldomly, without solvent. Badder is one of the easiest concentrates to dab because it’s smooth and malleable, but is not too runny like wax.

Live Rosin

Live rosin is extracted from plant matter using a combination of heat and pressure. Because it’s extracted from fresh or frozen cannabis without any additional cleaning, rosin retains a rich cannabinoid and terpene profile and boasts of high THC and yield percentages. This potent full-melt hash oil is non-solvent, which makes it safer to produce and consume than other concentrates.

Honey Crystal

Honey Crystal has all of the naturally occurring fats, waxes, and other botanical impurities removed. As a result, you’re left with a clean, delicious product that’s higher in potency than ever before. In short: it’s crystal clear.