Kiva Camino Launches New 10mg Camino Sours at Perfect Union

Kiva Camino Sours 10mg at Perfect Union

Kiva Camino Launches New 10mg Camino Sours at Perfect Union

Pucker up! Perfect Union is excited to announce that in partnership with Kiva, we are supporting the launch of their new Camino Sours 10mg flavors. These gummies boast 10mg THC per piece. They are a bright, tart flavor, and have a tasty texture. The 10mg Camino Sours feature the same terpene-tailored effects you know and love from Camino.

Are they still vegan? Yes! These vegan gummies are made with pectin, dusted in sour sugar, and doused with vivid flavor.

If you are ready for some real sour power, then you will love this new drop from Kiva.

Where to find Kiva Camino 10mg Camino Sours

You can find Kiva Camino 10mg Camino Sours at our Perfect Union locations in California including Sacramento Northside, Sacramento Eastside, Marysville, Turlock, Morro Bay, Ukiah, Shasta Lake, Napa. and Seaside. The Perfect Union Hot Box is also on sale at the Wild Seed Wellness dispensary in Marysville, California.

Haven’t I seen these gummies before? Yes, you have. Camino Sours were originally launched in California as a 5MG THC product line in October 2021.

Gummy fans loved their tart taste, chewier texture, and vegan formulation. But there was one thing they were clamoring for that we couldn’t ignore- a stronger potency to match the sharper taste.

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to innovate and upgrade, the Kiva team decided to launch these flavors at a new 10MG THC potency per piece.

With the 10mg rollout, comes an additional flavor to the California family – Blackberry Dream ‘Sleep.’ 10 out of 10 recommend you give this flavor a try.

These Sours are 100% vegan and made with pectin, which makes the gummies more resistant to melting and great for on the go. The effects are amplified with 10mg of THC and range from Uplifting to Chill to Balance.

Ask your Perfect Union budtender if you have questions on which flavor to try first!