Mr. Zips: A Popular Bloom of Choice at Perfect Union

Mr. Zips Bloom of Choice at Perfect Union Product Spotlight 01.2024

Mr. Zips in California: A Popular Bloom of Choice at Perfect Union

In the vibrant landscape of California’s cannabis market, one brand has been steadily blooming as the preferred choice at Perfect Union – Mr. Zips. With its authentic origins, commitment to sustainability, and a value proposition that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts, Mr. Zips has become synonymous with potent, fresh, and high-quality flowers.

Why is Mr. Zips emerging as the popular bloom of choice by guests at Perfect Union? 

Mr. Zips has deep roots in the industry tracing back to Humboldt, CA, where it was founded over a decade ago on the principles of sustainability, community, and operational excellence.

The brand’s commitment to these values has been unwavering, even as it expanded to cultivate in Santa Barbara, CA.

The journey from the fertile lands of Humboldt to the sunny expanses of Santa Barbara reflects the brand’s dedication to providing consumers with cannabis products nurtured in the finest environments.

Bootstrapped and Independent:

What sets Mr. Zips apart is its bootstrapped journey. The brand built its following from the ground up, with no external investors or reliance on venture funds.

This independence has allowed Mr. Zips to stay true to its vision and principles, operating with a hands-on approach to cultivation and quality control. The fact that Mr. Zips remains self-funded to this day is a testament to its commitment to authenticity and self-sufficiency.

Big Farm, NOT “Big Cannabis”

Mr. Zips proudly operates 26 acres of greenhouse cultivation, and yet, it distinguishes itself from the concept of “Big Cannabis.”

The brand’s growth hasn’t compromised its connection to its roots.

Mr. Zips Commitments

Through continuous efforts to enhance processes and give back to the community, Mr. Zips has proven that it can be a significant player in the industry while maintaining a genuine commitment to its origins.

• Mr. Zips is committed to providing a product that is always potent and fresh.

• Mr. Zips is committed to delivering a consistent and premium cannabis experience.

• The flowers are renowned for their potency and freshness, ensuring that consumers get the most out of every session. This commitment to quality has made Mr. Zips a trusted name among cannabis enthusiasts who seek an unparalleled experience with each puff.

Mr. Zips Boast a Strong Bag Appeal

Presentation matters, and Mr. Zips understands this well. The brand’s flowers boast a strong bag appeal, making them visually appealing and a source of pride for consumers. From the moment the package is opened, the aesthetic allure of Mr. Zips products sets the stage for a delightful cannabis experience.

Consistent Quality and Strain Selection

Mr. Zips doesn’t compromise on quality. Each strain is carefully selected, and the cultivation process is meticulously controlled to ensure consistency across batches. This commitment to quality assurance has made Mr. Zips a reliable choice for those who value a consistent and superior cannabis experience.

Best Bang for Your Buck

In a market where value matters, Mr. Zips shines as the best bang for your buck. The brand’s dedication to providing a premium experience at an accessible price point has endeared it to a wide range of consumers. With Mr. Zips, enthusiasts can enjoy top-tier quality without breaking the bank.

Mr. Zips is Your New Plug

Beyond just a product, Mr. Zips embodies a lifestyle. It positions itself as more than just a cannabis brand – it’s your new plug, your trusted source for an elevated experience. This unique value proposition has contributed to the brand’s success in creating a loyal and engaged community of consumers.

Mr. Zips now available at Perfect Union

Perfect Union proudly stocks an array of Mr. Zips products, catering to various preferences and consumption styles. From 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g flower bags to 1g vape cartridges, and .5g prerolls in 3 packs and 14 packs, Mr. Zips ensures there’s a choice for every cannabis connoisseur at Perfect Union.

In the dynamic world of California’s cannabis market, Mr. Zips has emerged as a popular flower brand at Perfect Union. Its authentic origins, commitment to sustainability, and a value proposition that prioritizes quality and affordability make it a standout choice for cannabis enthusiasts. As Mr. Zips continues to thrive and innovate, it remains a beacon of excellence in the ever-expanding landscape of California’s cannabis industry.

More about Mr. Zips:

“Back when everyone had their plug, MR. ZIPS was a favorite supplier. Grown in our mixed light greenhouses, always potent and delicious, MR. ZIPS flower offers unrivaled value. Now we’re bringing that same high-grade bud straight to you.”