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Watch 2020 Perfect Union Award Winners’ Surprise Notification in New Video

Nothing about 2020 was normal, but that didn’t stop us from recognizing our amazing employees!

The Perfect Union Awards are typically given during the Holiday Party, but Covid brought new challenges for announcing winners. 

In February, the Leadership Team launched an ambush surprise approach for winner notification — and we have it on video for you. 

Watch Perfect Union Awards (8:22)

Congratulations to the winners! Please join us in recognizing and celebrating these outstanding individuals. 

Rookie of the Year: K’maron Markson

(L-R) Chelsea Fabun, K’maron Markson, and Shayna

The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes new budtenders who embody the company’s values. This year it was an easy decision, because K’maron is dedicated to sharing her warm heart and compassionate spirit at the Bar!

Rising Star: Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams reacts to his award 

The Rising Star Award was created to recognize individuals on the move who should be noticed and watched. These are people filled with so much potential that you cannot ignore their luminous glow!

Through his dedication and willingness to take on any challenge, Josh quickly demonstrated he could take on more. He was promoted to supervisor or the Eastside location and it’s been amazing to watch him lead and inspire his team.

Manager of the Year: Veronica O’campo

Veronica O’campo and Shayna 

A great leader has to wear many hats: coach, leader, and therapist. The Manager of the Year Award recognizes a leader’s versatility and leading by example with compassionate and caring service. Veronica O’campo is engaged, level headed, and self-assured —  truly a powerful force to be reckoned with! 

Mickey Martin Award: Caity Maple

Perfect Union wouldn’t be where we are today without the influence of Mickey Martin, who passed away in 2017. Mickey was a good friend and mentor to our CEO, David Spradlin. The Mickey Martin Award was created to recognize Mickey’s spirit of truth-telling and giving, and to honor his legacy. Caity Maple, our VP of Government Affairs & Compliance, embodies everything that Mickey was.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Heather Copeland 

We’re lucky to have employees who have been with us on the entire journey since we started. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes employees who have demonstrated dedication and commitment to our company and values. Heather Copeland started working at one of our first dispensaries, and is now a purchasing manager on the Inventory and Logistics Team.  Heather’s sweet, caring personality, and good energy are a delight to be around. 


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