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Cannabis Cultivation Coming to Colfax with Good-Paying Jobs and Community Support

MARCH 2, 2021

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, the Colfax City Council approved a permit application from Fireworx Farms to operate a cannabis cultivation project in the city of Colfax.

Based in Sacramento, Fireworx Farms is part of a vertically-integrated company that also successfully operates cannabis retail stores (Perfect Union) and a distribution facility (Metta Distribution). Their 20,000 square foot cultivation project would feature eight, fully enclosed, commercial greenhouses.

The cannabis cultivation plans to hire 18-20 local full-time employees to operate, manage and maintain the greenhouses. The living wage positions start at $17/hour with annual raises and benefits, as well as the support and protection afforded to United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) workers. From local beautification projects to grants funding, the company also has a track record of establishing successful partnerships that leverage local opportunities and address challenges facing the community.

“Fireworx Farms is dedicated to serving the communities in which we operate,” said Angelica Sanchez, director of government affairs and compliance. “We look forward to providing our Colfax employees with a living wage and benefits, so they can support themselves and their families while also boosting the local economy. And we’re excited to build relationships and partnerships to ensure Colfax continues to be a wonderful place to live, work and play.”

The greenhouses will feature state of the art lights, fans and steel utility doors, as well as an odor mitigation system that injects natural and biodegradable ingredients into a high pressure fog system to eliminate odor molecules without local contamination. The facility will also utilize climate-controlled environments to dissipate indoor odors with commercial air filtration systems to eliminate exterior odors.

Facility security includes cameras, motion detection, hired security personnel and robust fencing, as well as close collaboration with local law enforcement to ensure all measures keep employees and the community safe. The facility design will be compatible with the surrounding character of the neighborhood and blend with existing buildings, as well as comply with all zoning and developmental standards.

“Our security measures, good neighbor policy, social responsibility plan and beautification efforts in other communities have proved the winning model for keeping employees safe and healthy, and the neighborhood thriving,” said Ms. Sanchez.

The company expects to build and launch the facility in 2021. A more detailed timeline and process is underway with Colfax’s city manager and will be announced soon.

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