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KRCR-TV: Perfect Union Supports Weed Fire Department During Wildfires; Explains Local Forest Closure Impact

Recent forest closures impacting local businesses

AUGUST 4, 2021

SHASTA LAKE, Calif. — California National Forests are closing through Labor Day weekend to prevent wildfires, and that may make things harder for some local businesses.

The closure of national forests means local businesses won’t see their average traveling customer. One dispensary in Shasta Lake says they have already seen a decrease in customers who travel to them since the wildfires have prompted road closures.

The regional manager of Perfect Union says about 70% of their customers are traveling customers, whether it’s people traveling specifically to them or visitors passing by, but with outdoor campsites and trails off-limits they could see their sales start to slip.

They say road closures have already somewhat impacted the business here at Shasta Lake. Regardless of the fires, they will continue to stay ready and open as most of their guests and patients rely on them as an essential part of their lifestyle.

“We do have travelers. We have a variety of guests and patients. I can’t predict what is going to happen, like we said, we are here for our guests; providing for our guests. I don’t foresee that it is going to be the biggest impact but it will be a little bit of an impact too,” says Northern California Regional Manager Tammy Hipley.

Hipley says even though the closure to the forest may impact them financially, one of their goals is to continue to give back to the community.

They just gave $10,000 to the Weed Fire Department and are inviting any local organization or charity in need to contact them as they are looking to give back.

The US Forest Service says close to ten forests in the west will be closed. For a list of those, visit here.



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