Perfect Union Napa is Approved for Recreational Cannabis Sales

Perfect Union Becomes First Dispensary to Receive Recreational Cannabis Approval in Napa

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (March 31, 2022) – Napa, California has become the most recent county to allow for adult recreational cannabis consumption according to a new ordinance put in place. The new ordinance allows current medicinal dispensaries to apply for expanded permits and change their state licenses for sale to recreational use customers. Perfect Union – California’s largest wholly-owned cannabis company – is the first dispensary in the area to get approved under the new ordinance.

“Napa going recreational is something we have been waiting for and we are proud to be the first dispensary in Napa to receive this approval,” said Denyelle Bruno, CEO of Perfect Union. “Perfect Union will be able to make a larger impact on the industry, provide consumers with accessible best in class products that they deserve, and add to the continued growth of the company.”

Perfect Union has become a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry over the last few years. They are consistently striving to be the best in the business while prioritizing the needs of their customers. Being the first dispensary to be approved to sell cannabis recreationally is a true testament to company values, consumers have been eagerly anticipating this change and Perfect Union took all the steps to ensure the change would go into effect as soon as possible.

The expansion into selling both medical and recreational cannabis will continue to boost sales and increase the number of consumers at Perfect Union’s Napa storefront. Their high-quality products will also be more accessible to consumers as they will no longer require a medical card thus simplifying the process to obtain cannabis.

The legalization of adult recreational cannabis use results in a positive domino effect such as better safety controls, wider access for medicinal use, and an overall revenue boost for not only dispensaries but state and local governments. Napa going recreational is one move closer to a broader acceptance of recreational cannabis consumption and Perfect Union is proud to stand at the forefront.

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Perfect Union has over a decade of experience managing profitable cannabis businesses, navigating state and local laws and regulations, and adding value to the communities where they operate. The company has a proven track record of building engagement, social welfare and outreach programs that focus on local partnerships, monetary investments and in-store donation campaigns.



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