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Caity Maple Advocates for Napa Adult Use in Recent Media Appearances

Adult use sales of cannabis in Napa has been a hot topic lately. Currently, Napa only allows medical dispensaries.

Perfect Union’s VP of Government Affairs and Compliance Caity Maple wants to change that. She shared her views with the media through a recent  Wine Country Live radio interview and an op-ed in the North Bay Business Journal.

Radio Interview with ‘Wine Country Live’ Host Barry Martin

Radio Station 1440 KVON (Napa) | August 25, 2021

How can the embrace of regulated cannabis help local economies without sacrificing safety or ethos? How are communities investing cannabis tax revenues to improve quality of life?

Caity answers these questions and discusses local economic and quality of life impacts from the adult use sale of cannabis.


Napa Needs To Embrace Adult Use Sale of Cannabis (Op-Ed)

North Bay Business Journal | August 13, 2021

Caity explains why embracing the adult use sale of cannabis could help the City of Napa (and many others across California!) grow its sales tax base and build tourism without sacrificing its ethos or safety.

“California’s cannabis industry has helped both the state and local governments achieve financial stability in recent years. At the beginning of June, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) reported that California’s cannabis excise tax generated $131.9 million in revenue and the cultivation tax generated $30.7 million so far this year. Sales tax from cannabis businesses totaled $82.4 million in revenue for the same period.

The city of Marysville recently expanded into adult use after allowing only medicinal sales and attributed cannabis sales as key to their stable revenue during COVID-19. The town of over 12,300 residents budgeted for $400,000 from cannabis – but had already collected $361,000 in March 2021. They’re now estimating the city will end the fiscal year with almost $800,000 for the general budget fund.”

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SOURCE: North Bay Business Journal

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