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Next-Level Dabbing with Refine LOUD Resin and Puffco Vaporizers

We took the most popular strains of our 530 Grower brand of cannabis flower, and partnered with Refine to create extracts exclusively for Perfect Union.

Refine LOUD Resin is specifically designed to showcase the authentic flavors, characteristics, and subtle nuances that each different strain of cannabis expresses. It mirrors the aromatic aspects of the dried, cured flower and provides a more robust profile that genuinely resembles the experience you get from the same strain in flower form.

Refine x 530 Grower strains include: 

  • Wedding Cake
  • Sour Kosher
  • GMO
  • Banana Macaroon
  • Garanimals
  • Crystal Cookies

The ULTIMATE dabbing experience

A high-quality extract like Refine LOUD Resin deserves the best vaporizer on the market, Puffco. It’s a perfect match! 

The Puffco Peak Smart Rig and Puffco Plus Portable Oil Vaporizer have won multiple awards and honors for design and innovation.  

Both new and experienced dabbers love Puffco! New dabbers choose Puffco vaporizers because they’re easy to use with no learning curve. Experienced dabbers appreciate the convenience and control that Puffco provides.

Puff, puff, perfection. 



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