5G Pop Sip and Enjoy 3 Flavors Orange, Berry Lemonade, and Zero Sugar Root Beer, 10 Servings and 100mg THC per 12 FL OZ resealable can by 530 Grower
Perfect Union Memorial Day 2024 Weekend BOGO Weed Sale


Perfect Union’s Sacramento Dispensary Northside location is rooted in community. We welcome you to come in and explore our store. The dispensary is located at 1508 El Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95815. Click here to sign up for Discord to receive push notifications and messages about hot promos and fresh drops at Perfect Union.    C10-0000199-LIC


What are the MAY 2024 Daily Deals?


*Deals may vary by store location. Daily deals may not be combined with other sales or discounts. All deals are while supplies last. Must be 21+. Management retains all rights. 



35% Off* Halfpipe

35% Off* Highrise

30% Off* Northern Emeralds 

30% Off* Good Tide 

25% Off* Happie

25% Off* Jetty 

20% Off* Laughing Gas


30% Off* Loud and Clear, ABX, and Farmer and the Felon 

25% Off* 530 Grower 5G

25% Off* Blazy

25% Off* 710 Labs

25% Off* Zombie

25% Off** Mr Zips **EXCLUDES 3.5G

10% Off* Big Tree


35% Off* Halfpipe

35% Off* Highrise

30% Off* Lost Farms

25% Off* Heavy Hitters 

25% Off* Lift Tickets

25% Off* Big Pete’s

20% Off* Lumpy’s

4.5g Eighths** 530 Grower (5G) or $50+ Eighths


40% Off* Jeeter 

35% Off* Cap City

35% Off* Uncle Arnies

30% Off* Wyld

30% Off* CAM

30% Off* Connected and Alien Labs

20% Off* El Blunto 

20% Off* Glass House

20% Off** Mr Zips **EXCLUDES 3.5G


50% Off* C.A.D. Capsules Only 

50% Off* Glass House 

35% Off* Cap City 

50% Off* Dizzies 

50% Off* Huxleys 

35% Off* Rove

30% Off* Gelato

30% Off Pacific Stone 

30% Off Time Machine

25% Off* Mr Zips** Vapes and Pre-Rolls


50% Off* Dizzies 

50% Off* Huxleys 

30% Off* Mr Zips Flower **EXCLUDES 3.5G

30% Off*  Cannabiotix

25% Off* 530 Grower (5G)

25% Off* Happie

15% Off* Stiiizy 


50% Off* Dizzies 

50% Off* Huxleys 

25% Off* Lime 

30% Off* Torch

30% Off* TURN 

30% Off* Hiatus 

30% Off* Grizzly Peak

25% Off* Papa and Barkley’s

25% Off* Bangers

4.5g Eighths** 530 Grower (5G) or $50+ Eighths 


**Only available with the purchase of a 530 eighth or any $50+ eighth.

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