Perfect Union 710 Summer Smoke Sesh Sale

Perfect Union 710 Summer Smoke Sesh Sale July 10 2023

Perfect Union 710 Summer Smoke Sesh Sale on July 10 2023 includes 18 Top Brands with products on sale for 50% Off*.

On 7/10 we celebrate Oil day at Perfect Union. This cannabis holiday, we bring you a fun filled day at your favorite cannabis shop.

What is 710 Day? We’ve all heard of 420 celebrated on April 20th every year, but what is 710? Turn 710 upside down and you will see OIL.  710 day highlights cannabis oils in cartridges, dabs, extracts and other oil based cannabis.


What’s on sale for 50% Off on 710 at Perfect Union?

Come shop our weed dispensaries in  Northside, Eastside, Marysville, Napa, Morro Bay, Shasta Lake, Weed, and Turlock stores. 

Save 50% Off on Happie, ABX, Farmer and the Felon, Halfpipe Concentrates, Halfpipe Carts, Halfpipe Edibles, Bear Labs, Sauced, CES, Friendly FSO, Tyson 2.0, Himalaya, Stiiizy, Lost Farm LR Strawberry Lime and Yuzu Fizz, Jeeter, Emerald Bay, Grizzly Peak Jars, Grizzly Peak 7 Packs, Tough Mama LR & Solventless Carts, Mr. Zips Vapes, and Mr. Zips 7g Flower.

Select Locations will have cool Classic Cars and other Sweet Rides on display at the dispensary.  Also enjoy great tunes and delicious food trucks on 710 at select locations.

Thank you to our Platinum sponsors Happie and Himalaya.

Thank you to our Gold Sponsor Mr. Zips.

Thank you to our Silver Sponsors Emerald Bay Extracts, Halfpipe, Farmer and the Felon, Loud+Clear, ABX, and Lost Farm.

All of our stores will have doorbusters deals for first guests in the door while supplies last. These doorbuster penny promo units are provided by Emerald Bay, Lime, C.A.D. and Friendly.

More About July 10th: Celebrating Cannabis Oil on Oil Day

The cannabis industry has its fair share of annual celebrations and significant dates, and one such occasion that has gained popularity is “Oil Day” on July 10th. The unique association between the date and cannabis oil stems from the visual representation of the numbers 710 when flipped and turned backwards, forming the word “OIL.” This creative play on numbers has become a symbol for celebrating various forms of cannabis oil and its diverse applications. 

Understanding the 710 Symbolism

On July 10th, cannabis enthusiasts come together to honor the various forms of cannabis oil. The number 710, when inverted or flipped, visually resembles the word “OIL.” This quirky association has gained momentum, similar to the well-known “420” reference in cannabis culture. As a result, July 10th has become a notable day for celebrating cannabis oil in its many forms.

Exploring Cannabis Oil Varieties

Cannabis oil comes in various consistencies, each offering unique properties and experiences. Here are a few popular types:

  1. Badder: Badder is a soft, malleable cannabis concentrate with a texture similar to cake batter. It is typically rich in terpenes, giving it a robust flavor profile.
  2. Budder: Budder has a consistency similar to butter, hence the name. It is created through a whipping process that transforms the oil into a smooth and creamy concentrate.
  3. Shatter: Shatter is known for its glass-like transparency and brittle texture. It is created by purging solvents from the oil, resulting in a highly potent concentrate.
  4. Vape Cartridges: Vape cartridges contain cannabis oil that is specifically formulated for vaporization using a compatible device. They offer a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis oil.

Utilizing Cannabis Oils

Cannabis oils provide versatile consumption methods, catering to a range of preferences:
  1. Inhalation: Cannabis oils are commonly used in vaporizers or dab rigs, where they are heated to produce a vapor that can be inhaled. This method ensures rapid absorption and allows for precise dosage control.
  2. Edibles: Cannabis oil can also be incorporated into edible products such as baked goods, chocolates, and beverages. When cooked or infused with a fat or oil, the cannabinoids are activated and can be consumed orally.

The Extraction Process

The process of extracting cannabis oil involves separating the desired compounds, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, from the plant material. While there are various extraction methods, two popular techniques are:
  1. Solvent Extraction: This method employs solvents like butane, ethanol, or CO2 to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. After extraction, the solvent is purged, leaving behind the desired oil.
  2. CO2 Extraction: Carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction uses pressurized CO2 to pull the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. This method is preferred for its ability to produce high-quality, clean oils without residual solvents.
July 10th, known as Oil Day, serves as a celebration of cannabis oil in its numerous forms. The wide array of products at Perfect Union enables individuals to personalize their experiences with cannabis oil. 
Want to learn more? Ask you budtender. Our friendly, knowledgable team of budtenders are here to answer your questions and help you explore your consumption options.

*While Supplies Last. Valid July 10, 2023. Must be 21+. Discounts not valid at Seaside location. Consume responsibly. Available in stores & online. Can’t be combined with other offers.