Perfect Union: Solventless September

Perfect Union Solventless September Sale FEATURING Heavy Hitters and Almora Solventless Products 30% Off on Thursdays in September 2023

Perfect Union: Solventless September

Solventless September Presented by Perfect Union in Partnership with Heavy Hitters and Almora

Get Ready for a September to Remember

What is Solventless September? 

We are such huge fans of Solventless Cannabis Products at Perfect Union, that we created an entire month to celebrate the category in partnership with our featured Solventless brands Heavy Hitters and Almora.  Want to join in the celebration? Share your Solventless purchases and favorite products with #SolventlessSeptember and tag @perfectunion_ on IG. We will re-post and share and keep the Solventless love growing. 

Perfect Union shops, alongside Heavy Hitters and Almora, are bringing you the essence of pure cannabis with Solventless September! Both brands are offering 30% off all of their Solventless Product Lines every Thursday in September, 2023 (while supplies last).


New to Solventless?

Here’s why solventless cannabis products are winning over the hearts and palates of countless cannabis enthusiasts.

Solventless cannabis products, as the name suggests, are made without the use of any solvents. This contrasts with many mainstream cannabis extraction methods that rely on solvents such as butane, propane, or CO2.

Instead, solventless techniques utilize physical means like heat and pressure (as seen in rosin pressing) or simple agitation (as with ice water hash) to extract the coveted cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.

Creating these solventless extracts isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a labor-intensive process that demands patience, precision, and a deep understanding of the cannabis plant. Unlike solvent-based methods, which can be more forgiving, solventless extraction requires top-quality flower.

Not all strains or crops are suited for this method. A successful solventless extraction magnifies the quality of the original plant material, meaning any imperfections or shortcomings can’t hide behind the process.

The hype around solventless products isn’t just because of their “clean” and natural extraction methods. It’s also about the unparalleled purity, flavor, and aroma they offer.

When you consume a solventless product, you’re getting a true representation of the plant’s profile, untainted by any potential residual solvents or chemical alterations. For many, this equates to a more authentic and elevated cannabis experience.

Let’s dive into the solventless products that Heavy Hitters and Almora offer and hear how the brands describe themselves.

Solventless September with Almora and Heavy Hitters (1)

Heavy Hitters 


Pure Live Rosin by Heavy Hitters is solventless perfected. Handcrafted in small batches, our rosin is sourced from California’s finest premium flower, fresh frozen at peak maturity.

The best of the best, we only use first press product extracted from 5 & 6 star ice water hash.

Expertly decarbed, the result is a low-yield, terpene-rich oil with exceptional taste. Packed with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, each cartridge captures the unique characteristics of its strain, leading to a euphoric, flower-like experience.


Pure to the plant. The finest flavors ever rolled. Heavy Hitters Jelly Joints begin with aromatic, terpene-rich indoor flower freshly sourced from California’s premier growers. Thoroughly infused with first-press Live Rosin Jelly, these joints are a curated pairing of the best cannabis has to offer. Bursting with uniquely bold flavor profiles with a focus on fruit-forward exotic strains, the full-bodied high from the combination of top-quality flower and Rosin is guaranteed to put even the most experienced smoker into a state of pure bliss. Available in a 1.6g single Preroll or a 0.5g 5-pack.


Pure plant, pure flavor. Heavy Hitters Live Rosin GummIes are crafted using only the finest ingredients available. Handcrafted in small batches, our gummies are thoroughly infused with first-press live rosin (from five and six-star hash), sourced from premium California flower, frozen at peak maturity. Live Rosin Gummies are proudly 100% vegan. Our recipes use pectin and real fruit concentrates to provide a more authentic, natural experience, with intensely-rich flavor profiles. Available in three delicious flavors. Strawberry Guava (Sativa), Papaya Mango (Hybrid), and Blackberry Lemon (Indica).

Almora Solventless Products on Sale 30% Off on Thursdays in September 2023 at Perfect Union



Almora Solventless Live Rosin vape carts harness our most raw, and flavor-forward concentrate experience. Made with fresh-frozen flower from our sun-drenched farms in California, our extraction process maintains the full spectrum of the plant’s cannabinoids in their most pure form. Our entire process, from seed to extraction, is dedicated to preserving the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found naturally within the plant. Almora Solventless Live Rosin is made by running fresh, whole flower through an ice water bath to collect the trichome heads that are then pressed to extract our pure live rosin. This creates the closest experience to smoking flower that you can achieve from a vape.


Beautiful cannabis buds, grown under the sun in California’s coastal region, are flash-frozen upon harvest, then soaked in an ice water bath to gently separate the trichome heads from the plant material. Our live rosin concentrate features incredible terpene profiles and powerful cannabinoids that are the truest expression of the flower.


Committed to sourcing only the best nature has to offer, Almora’s Hash Infused Prerolls are designed for those craving more. This 5-pack of 1/2G prerolls is made using only sun-grown whole flower from our California farms and infused with solventless first-wash ice water hash to maintain quality and purity. This results in a truly authentic cannabis experience that is true to the plant. Enjoy Almora’s grower’s joint and experience the plant’s natural high-quality potency and flavors.

Perfect Union Solventless September Sale FEATURING Heavy Hitters and Almora Solventless Products 30% Off on Thursdays in September 2023