Perfect Union’s December Hot Box 2023

December 2023 Hot Box value weed box at Perfect Union

Unveiling the Perfect Union December Hot Box 2023: Your Ultimate Weed Value Compilation

As December dawns upon us, Perfect Union is thrilled to present the weed enthusiasts’ dream come true – the Perfect Union December edition of our monthly weed compilation Hot Box.

Packed to the brim with the best of the best–this carefully curated selection of premium cannabis products, is the everything you need weed box.

Grab a box at Perfect Union near you to elevate your December festivities. Available for purchase starting December 1st, this hot box is a limited-time offer, so grab yours while supplies last!

What’s Inside: Prepare yourself for a sensational journey into the world of cannabis with the Perfect Union December Hot Box. This exclusive weed value box includes a range of top-tier products that cater to all your cannabis desires:

  1. $15 Coupon: Kickstart your new year with a $15 coupon valid for in-store use throughout January 2024.

  2. Gummies Extravaganza:

    • Wyld 100mg Sour Tangerine
    • Wyld 100mg Boysenberry
  3. Eighth Delight:

    • 530 Grower 3.5g Cherry Gummies
  4. Cartridge Bliss:

    • Halfpipe 1g Mistletoe Mint
  5. Preroll Paradise:

    • Buddies 1g Gelato 41 or Dole Hwhip or RS 11
    • 530 Grower 1g Cherry Cheesecake
  6. Tablets Trio:

    • Level 3 tablets Lights Out Indica (3-Pack)
  7. More Gummy Goodness:

    • Halfpipe 100mg Sour Lemonade
  8. Power Up with Perfect Union:

    • 1 Battery (Perfect Union 510 Thread)

Incredible Value at Your Fingertips: Indulge in a weed value box that goes above and beyond. The Perfect Union December Hot Box boasts a staggering retail value of $168.00, but for a limited time, it’s yours for just $85.99!

Act Fast, Enjoy More: The Perfect Union December Hot Box is not only an incredible value but also a limited-time offer. Make your December memorable by securing your hot box today, and ensure that your festivities are filled with the finest cannabis products available.

The Perfect Union December Hot Box is more than a collection of premium cannabis products – it’s an experience, a celebration of the joy and spirit of December.

With a retail value that speaks volumes and a price that ensures accessibility, this hot box is the perfect way to elevate your holiday season. Don’t miss out – grab yours today and savor the ultimate weed value extravaganza from Perfect Union!

Thank you to these brand partners for participating, giving back to our amazing cannabis community:


Halfpipe Cannabis

530 Grower 5G

Level Protabs