Public Notice

A Public Notice provided by Perfect Union keep consumers up to date with product information sold in our California dispensaries.

The following product has been voluntarily recalled, 530 Grower – GMO flower for Aspergillus contamination. Please check your product to see if it has the following UID number: 1A4060300003D57000017402, 1A4060300003D57000018053, 1A4060300003D57000018475, 1A4060300003D57000017610, 1A4060300003D57000017574, 1A4060300003D57000018428, 1A4060300003D57000018002, 1A4060300003D57000018318, 1A4060300003D57000018341, 1A4060300003D57000018391, 1A4060300003D57000018218, 1A4060300003D57000017461, 1A4060300003D57000017604, 1A4060300003D57000018491, 1A4060300003D57000018199, 1A4060300003D57000018372. If your product has one of the previous UID numbers, please bring it to the location you purchased it from so we may refund you and destroy the product on-site. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]. Thank you for your understanding.