Top 5 Stoner Movies & What to Smoke While You Watch

Top 5 Stoner Movies & What to Smoke While You Watch 

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than getting off work, heading to a dispensary near me, picking up a pack of prerolls, and heading home to spark it up while I watch a movie with characters that are as high as I am.

Since the dawn of the cinematic era, filmmakers have been preoccupied with cannabis. From stoned characters to entire movies dedicated to the hijinx of the stoner lifestyle, there have been hundreds of flicks that have either referenced or were out-and-out tributes to the amazing flower, cannabis sativa. 

I’ve done my due diligence in this area over the years and have made it a mission to share with you, the reading public, a list of my top 5 favorite stoner movies of all time. 

Feel free to agree or disagree with the list or the order, but if nothing else, if you haven’t seen one of these movies, go stream them now!

#5 – Friday (1995)

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are the ultimate pair of stoner friends in this 90’s comedy classic. If you’ve ever spent a Friday morning with your best bud and had no plans only to find yourself on the craziest adventure ever by about noon, you’re gonna find a lot of hilarious relatable content in this one. 

Pair with: Cherry Dolato 3.5 grams from 530 Grower. Friday is all about chilling out, so why not enjoy this awesome indica strain while you do the same.

#4 – Half Baked (1998)

Dave Chapelle is in his first starring role and it doesn’t disappoint. Another movie about lifelong stoner friends with a singular mission of getting high when one wrong turn makes their mission a much larger one…to the tune of needing 1 million dollars FAST. This one was originally panned by critics (like most stoner comedies) but has since gone on to cult classic status. 

Pair with: Ice Cream Cake 3.5 grams from Zach & Ted’s. This sweet indica strain is the closest thing you’ll get to Mr. Nice Guy around these parts.

#3 – Smiley Face (2007)

Have you ever eaten a delicious brownie that you didn’t know was baked with cannabis? Ever eat a bunch of them? Ever lose an entire day because of that? I have. Anna Farris has a familiar experience in this weed-infused comedy about a day gone hysterically wrong in all the right ways. Keep an eye out for a cameo from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as well. 

Pair with: Bhang – Milk Chocolate Bar. Keeping with the theme of the movie, share the experience with Anna Farris by enjoying a delicious Bhang – Milk Chocolate Bar. But maybe only have one square to start.

#2 – Up in Smoke (1978)

There’s just something about buddies smoking pot isn’t there? In this all-time classic, Cheech ventures out of the house and inexplicably ends up giving a ride to the hitchhiking Chong who then shares a joint with him. This takes them on an adventure that finds them in court, jail, Mexico, and ultimately performing a rock show. You just have to see it for yourself.

Pair with: Lowell’s Smokes – 6 pack – The Social Sativa. Lowell’s prerolls are renowned as a modern classic which is why they are the perfect pairing with this quintessential cult classic.

#1 – Pineapple Express (2008)

Whether the strain was named after the movie or the movie was named after the strain, Pineapple Express is not only one of the most laugh-out-loud stoner comedies in recent memory, but it’s one of the funniest movies of the past 20 years in general. Seth Rogen and James Franco team up for a classic stoner-caper that starts with a simple transaction and ends with them being a part of a much bigger and much more serious crime operation. Easily one of my most-watched movies of all time.

Pair with: Jetty Extracts – Pineapple Express Vape Cartridge. C’mon! You knew what strain we were going to pair this with. These super potent Jetty carts are the perfect partner to any great movie, but when you put the Pineapple Express cart with Pineapple Express film. Chef’s kiss.


Honorable mentions: The Big Lebowski, Still Smokin’, Super High Me, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Super Troopers