What the Heck is a STIIIZY?

What the Heck is a Stiiizy?

If you’ve hung around your group of cannabis-loving friends, you’ve probably heard someone mention their “Stiiizy stick” or “Stiiizy pen.” This term may have left you curious. “What the heck is a stiiizy?” 

You’re not alone. In fact, not too long ago I found myself in a similar predicament. A good friend of mine kept mentioning their Stiiizy stick and after several minutes of nodding in ignorant agreement, I finally said “Hey man, what is a stiiizy stick?” His eyes lit up. He then excitedly told me that his “Stiiizy stick” is actually a vape pen (battery and pod combo) that he claimed delivered the cleanest, fullest hit of any THC vape he’s ever owned. I asked him if I can get the battery and attach a traditional 510 thread cartridge to it. He then explained that stiiizy has a proprietary pod system that only works with the Stiiizy battery. 

This was a good start, but I wanted to learn more, I went to a Perfect Union recreational dispensary near me and picked one up. Holy cow! He wasn’t kidding. A truly unique experience. Since then, I’ve tried a bunch of different pods and have even purchased a couple of different Stiiizy batteries. Since I’m a bit of an expert now, here’s what I’ve learned so that you can become a Stiiizy expert as well.

The Batteries

These are straightforward enough. You take it out of the packaging, attach the pod to the device (it will seem like it’s fitting loose, but it’s actually in there very securely) and inhale. There isn’t a button to press as the coil is heated by you drawing in. There isn’t a temperature control which is a drawback for some, but I personally don’t mind. It always seems like it’s at the correct setting so it’s pretty idiot-proof.

They sell a standard battery or a BIIIG battery which has a little more power and a much longer charge. It’s worth investing in, if you are a frequent user as it involves much more time for vaping and way less time for charging.

There is also a disposable version called the LIIIL that has over 20 strains available. These are perfect for puffing your Stiiizy on the go.

The Pods

The Original Line

These are THC oil pods with “botanically derived terpenes”. The BDT’s add flavor and aroma to the experience and all the strains are classics like “Blue Dream”, “Granddaddy Purps”, and “Strawberry Cough”.

The Silver Line (Cannabis Derived Terpenes)

The Silver Line or CDT stiiizy pods provide more of a natural terpene profile and are very popular with cannabis consumers that enjoy vaping with a more flower-like taste and smell. There are over 20 different strains to choose from so there’s gonna be something for everybody here.

The Live Resin Line (Gold Line)

Live resin is produced by flash freezing the whole cannabis plant in a small batch. It creates a full-spectrum effect that utilizes all of the cannabinoids in a synergistic fashion as well as preserving the original plant’s flavor profile. I’m no scientist but I know this, it tastes and smells great and works amazingly effectively. 

Hopefully you’re now well on your way to being a stiiizy expert too! 

Be sure to pick a battery and/or pod up at your local Perfect Union or Wild Seed Wellness location.