Vape Pen Roundup – The Best Batteries and Carts Around Right Now

Vape Pen Roundup – The Best Batteries and Carts Around Right Now

Vaping cannabis has become many pot enthusiasts’ preferred way to consume THC (or CBD for that matter). Whether it be the convenience of use, ease of storage, or the ability to consume more discreetly, vape pens are all the rage.

The market is full of legacy brands and upstarts alike, and I’ve made it my goal to give you my three favorite batteries and three favorite vape cartridge brands right now at this very moment. It could change tomorrow, but as I sit and type this right now, this is it. 

I’ve also done you a solid and linked to where you can buy them at a dispensary near you. Thank me later.



I talked about STIIIZY a bunch recently. You can read all about that here. There are a few things to know right out of the gate: STIIIZY batteries (whether you get the standard size or the larger BIIIG) only work with STIIIZY pods. No other cartridge or pod will work. Just STIIIZY. Ok, now that’s out of the way. The advantage of the STIIIZY battery is how slick it looks and how smooth the draw is. There isn’t a voltage adjustment module so you have to get what you get, and what you get is just about perfect every time. 


This is a simple button-controlled 510-thread battery, but make no mistake, these things are rock-solid. I’ve owned so many 510 thread batteries over the years, and none of them ever last through as many vape sessions as the standard Himalaya battery. This thing has a voltage setting (3.0 to 3.2) that allows you to vape their standard or live resin carts at just the right temperature. They also come in a bunch of cool colors and are inexpensive enough to buy them in a few different shades depending on your mood.

Select – Gravity Battery 

Another simple button-controlled battery, but the difference is Select’s charge time. This thing lasts a while and when you’re sticking your pen in your pocket and vaping on the go, long battery life is just about the most important thing. Available in black or white, these pens are durable with a classic design. They just work, and sometimes that’s all you want or need, right?


Jetty Extracts

What I’ve been loving about the line of vape cartridges from Jetty Extracts is how they really lean into classic legacy strains. Very few other brands are offering up Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purps, Pineapple Express, and Northern Lights #5 at the same time. The taste is incredible and the packaging is unique and pleasing to the eye. Jetty has it going on.


I’m like a broken record here, but TOOT TOOT! I’m on the Stiiizy train! The pod system delivers such a smooth hit and it provides just about the easiest system of switching out your pods. They have live resin, CDT (cannabis-derived terpenes), and an original pod line that focuses on legacy strains. For me, I love their 1:1 THC to CBD options. My favorite is the disposable LIIIL Juicy Melon. The perfect mix of the two major cannabinoids leaves you with the best of both worlds in one (or two or three) amazing hits. 

Friendly Farms 

Using their proprietary Tru Spectrum extraction process, Friendly Farms gives you a true full-spectrum cured resin experience. The carts taste amazing with the familiar flower taste you get from smoking cannabis. They have a large line of different strains, but my personal favorite is the heavy indica Biscotti strain in 1 gram. So. Dang. Good.

With so many vape batteries and carts out there, it’s hard to choose just three of each, but I hope this is a good start for y’all to go out and try something new or revisit something!