How to Dab

So You Want To Dab? 

Cannabis concentrates are made using an extraction process that varies by the solvent process used. Solvents like butane, propane, and alcohol are commonly used in these processes. Some ways of making dabs combine two processes like distillate THC crystal extraction and traditional butane extraction, or include more than one solvent, such as CO2 and butane. Some methods like rosin pressing only use heat and pressure. Regardless of the method used, dabs concentrate THC and Terpenes.

Dabbing is a form of flash or slow vaporizing of these concentrates by placing them on a heated surface and inhaling them through a dab rig or other concentrate vaporizer. 

Though cannabis concentrates have been around for many years, the process has been innovated to make it extremely efficient and yield a result that is nearly all pure THC and terpenes.

Why Dab?

These are some of the benefits people have found from dabbing cannabis:

The Taste:

Dab rigs don’t produce any chemicals. This purity means the vapor created when dabbing cannabis can make the taste better to some people.

The Potency:

Concentrates used for dabbing are far more potent than flower. Cannabis buds are usually between 20-30% THC, while concentrates are generally between 50-85%.

What Can I Dab?

Concentrates come in many variations that range in potency, flavor, and texture. 

Here are some of the most common varieties:

Shatter: Hard and glass-like in texture. Can be very potent.

Live Resin: Saucy and terpy. Very flavorful.

Budder/Badder: Thick and gooey. 

Sugars: Looser and wetter than Budder/Badder. Just as potent.

Crumble: Drier than other extracts. Because of its flaky nature, some people like to mix crumble into their joints.

Rosin: One of the purest concentrates. Also one of the most flavorful.

Diamonds: Super potent using isolated compounds. Because of this, diamonds aren’t usually as flavorful.

What Do You Need to Dab This Stuff?

Dab Rig:  A smaller water pipe with a low level of water filtration.

Dab tool: This is a tool to prepare your concentrate to add to the banger or nail. (see below).

Banger or Nail: A banger is a bucket made of quartz that slides into your rig’s downstem. The banger is heated where your concentrate is applied. This is what will produce your hit. Nails are less popular these days, due to the quartz banger being able to preserve flavor much more effectively.

Carb Cap: This sits on top of the banger and prevents your vapor from escaping while also raising the temperature. This makes it so the air moves more efficiently so all of your concentrate gets vaporized.- 

The Torch:  This is what you’ll use to heat up your banger to the correct temperature.

How the Heck Do I Make This All Work?

At first it might seem like a cumbersome process, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be dabbing in no time!

Step 1 – Get your material ready:

Use your dab tool to collect a small amount of concentrate on the end and set it aside until the banger/nail is heated. Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

Step 2 – Just add water:

Add water to the dab rigs chamber. Make sure you give it a test run with zero product to make sure you’re not getting any backsplash. 

Step 3 – Make it hot:

Use the torch to heat up the banger/nail until it gets red. Be sure to apply the torch to the outside and bottom because that’s where you’ll load the product.

Step 4 – You got to cool it now:

Wait 30-40 seconds for the banger/nail to cool down. You can use your phone or watch to keep time or there’s products called “terp timers” to assist.

Step 5 – Bang it out!:

Apply your concentrate to the banger/nail. Use a slow long inhale because not all of your concentrate will vaporize instantly.

Step 6 – Carb it up.

Put your carb cover over the dab and continue to inhale. You’ll get a better hit this way.

Step 7 – EXHALE!

You did it! Repeat if needed