Cannabis Word Search with Code Words for Weed

Hit the Holiday Perfect Union Cannabis Word Search download and put your dope word search skills to the test

Cannabis Word Search with Code Words for Weed

Have you seen the Perfect Union Cannabis Word Search with code words for weed? Hot off the press is a little holiday fun for your fun friends and family gatherings this December.

We are so grateful for our cannabis community we decided to create this cannabis word search holiday fun for you.

On top of our cost-saving Hit the Holiday Deals at Perfect Union, you can now also enjoy a little entertainment from your favorite California dispensary. Print it out and make it a friendly competition with your “buds.” (See what we did there?) Or just snuggle up on the couch and put your dope Word Search skills to work.

From the earliest days, cannabis lovers created code words for weed. There are countless words that describe the beloved marijuana plant from Mary Jane to Grass. We’ve chosen just a few and put them in a word search to honor the cannabis vernacular.

Find the cannabis slang words inside the Perfect Union Hit the Holiday Cannabis Word Search.


Perfect Union Cannabis Word Search


What are some of the other words people use when referencing weed?

There are many words people use to refer to marijuana, cannabis or weed. Some include:

  1. Pot
  2. Boom
  3. Bammy
  4. Ganja
  5. Dope
  6. Broccoli
  7. Herb
  8. Blunt
  9. Grass
  10. Roach
  11. Flower
  12. Chronic
  13. Cheeba
  14. Smoke
  15. Skunk
  16. Kush
  17. Dagga
  18. Hash
  19. Doobie
  20. Green
  21. Mary Jane

Looking for a higher resolution pdf print out of the Perfect Union Hit the Holidays Cannabis Word Search? Click here.

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