Need the Perfect (Union) Gift for the Stoner in Your Life? We got you Covered?

For us stoners, 4/20 isn’t just a random day in April. It’s Christmas. It’s the day that we know we can get good weed for a good price and spend the entire day enjoying it. Whether it’s at a party with friends, or just unwinding by yourself, this is OUR Holiday. 

This year to celebrate 04/20/22, our stores are offering 30% off products from over 23 brands for the highest of holy days. So being the good friends that we are, we have put together a shortlist of the items that you just shouldn’t miss. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or yourself, this is the stuff that should be on your radar.


Big Pete’s Cookies

Straight outta Santa Cruz since 1979, this family-owned and operated business produces some of the best-tasting cannabis edibles around. Using cannabutter as their weed source, Big Pete’s has a variety of flavors to choose from. Whether you’re a chocolate chip fan or peanut butter is more of your thing, Big Pete’s has it. The packages are 10 cookies at 10mg each come in at a price point of $20+ tax.

Johnny’s pick: Try the Birthday Cake. It tastes just like Birthday Cake!

Lost Farms Gummies and Chews

Lost Farms gummies and chews from Kiva aren’t just delicious, they pack a punch! Plant-based and infused with live resin, these 10mg edibles are rapidly becoming a favorite of cannabis connoisseurs (or cannasseurs) that love to consume from eating their weed. 

Johnny’s pick: The raspberry-flavored Wedding Cake gummies are possibly my favorite edible at the moment. So good.

Wyld Gummies

Some of the most popular gummies in the state, Wyld not only has indica, hybrid, or sativa options, they have different ratios of CBD and CBG in their product mix as well. With Wyld, there’s something for everybody!

Johnny’s pick: The pear-flavored 1:1 THC/CBG gummies are just the right balance for me. Give ’em a try!


530 Grower

One of Perfect Union’s house brands, 530 Grower is kicking out a killer combination of taste, aroma, and potency. With over 20 different strains to choose from, 530 Grower continues to stay on the cutting edge of popular cross-genetics with Gelato X Wedding Cake and ZKittles X Animal Mints as stand-outs. 

Johnny’s pick: Wedding Cake 3.5 grams. It’s one of the most popular strains on the planet for a reason and 530 Grower’s version is one of the best I’ve ever had.

Fig Farms

Farmer owner and Oakland grown, Fig Farms is one of the most exciting flower brands out right now. Focusing on the top-shelf cannabis consumer with potent strains like the indica-dominant “Holy Moly!” and the powerful sativa-leaning hybrid “Dark Karma”, Fig Farms keeps pushing the envelope on how elite Northern California weed can be.

Johnny’s pick: Lucid Blue 3.5 grams. Heavy indica with gorgeous blue hairs and bursting with trichomes. Tasty and aromatic, it’s become one of my favorite strains from one of my favorite growers.


Indoor grown in the heart of the cannabis capital of California, Humboldt County, UpNorth continues to provide top-shelf cannabis to the weed lovers of the region. With an incredible array of strains, this brand has made quite the impression in recent years.

Johnny’s pick: Runtz. One of the most talked-about strains these days, this one from UpNorth hits different. Lush buds, with a sweet smell and inhale, this has quickly become a go-to of mine.

Johnny’s picks for prerolls and vape carts:

Prerolls: I love Fuzzies by Sublime. Whether you’re into live resin-infused and rolled-in kief or hash-injected, Fuzzies always have something for everyone. My personal favorite is the king-sized “Wedding Cake” but when I’m feeling more of a sativa vibe I’ll go for the “Blue Dream”.

Vape Carts: For me, I’m all about Jetty right now. They have a huge variety of strains and are really a must-have for fans of old-school strains like Trainwreck, GDP, and Maui Wowie. 

However, you (or your friends) consumer, Perfect Union has something for everyone this 4/20. Welcome to Your Happy Place.