California Cannabis Resources

This page is updated with helpful resources to obtain cannabis information. The links provided are to state websites offer information about marijuana. Weed regulations change regularly and consistently in California. Please check the state laws and information provided on state websites frequently.

Department of Cannabis Control

Find information about current marijuana taxes in California. Learn more about and research weed regulations. The Department of Cannabis Control also offers Californians a way to search by city or county to see which jurisdictions allow cannabis businesses to be licensed and where consumers can access safe, legal, and tested cannabis products.

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Looking for a Medical Marijuana card in California?

Get current California information about obtaining a medical marijuana card here:

Remember: Even with a physician’s recommendation, you must follow laws about where you can use cannabis.


Non Government Private Groups can also be interesting resources for news about the cannabis industry. Here are a few organizations that may be helpful. Perfect Union does not endorse any organization by listing it herein, nor do we warrant information they offer is up to date, current or any reflection of our company values:

California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA)

California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) is California’s leading cannabis trade association promoting a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry.

California Cannabis Information Portal



More Cannabis Resources and Information

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